Music Trivia Palooza – A Fun &
Fund-Raising Evening for All

A Great Team Activity For Music
of All Ages

Much of the success of Music Trivia Palooza can be attributed to the universal love of music. It’s something that unites us, bringing people together through a common bond and interest. We take that bond and organize a fun time around it, with fun competition, team building and effective fundraising. Everybody wins!

1. Recruit Your Team

Gather a group of like-minded, music-loving colleagues or friends who are up for a fun evening of music trivia!

2. Pick a Team Name

Virtually limitless options abound for a team name, so be creative and come up with a title to represent your group!

3. Reserve Your Table

Once you’ve got up to 10 players, use our convenient online form to enter – we’ll be in touch to confirm payment.

4. Enjoy The Game

Show up to Sala San Marco on Ottawa’s famous Preston Street, ready to have a great time with friends and music.